Women over 50 A Life Redesigned
Women over 50 A Life Redesigned
Shelly Drymon

We're creating a community for women over 50

Redesign your life, on your terms

Who are we at Women over 50 A Life Redesigned™

Michelle Horton of Always Chasing Better Coaching 


Our Vision -  Every woman lives her best life full of love, abundance, and happiness

Our Mission - To offer support and accountability on your journey through this fabulous life after 50

About - We provide resources, and support to women over 50 through the podcast,  website, and an exclusive community. 


Why join this community for women over 50?

Ever feel as if you are alone as you travel through this exciting, yet a little confusing time of your life?  Want to interact with other women who feel the same, and whose travels are similar to yours, without all the noise, clutter, and impersonal nature of social media?

Hi, I'm Shelly and I want to personally invite you to join our community.  The year I turned 50 I changed the trajectory of my life.  How?  I took the time to create deep self-awareness, took responsibility for my life, and drew a line in the sand with my non-negotiables. It wasn't easy. I was coming off two years of trying to disengage with my narcissistic ex-husband, and life time of doing what I thought I should do.  You can listen to my story here.

From there I started a podcast and have interviewed so many women who decided to redesign and create a life they love, after they turned 50. Building that community with my podcast guests has been one of the most fulfilling adventures I have embarked on. 

It is from the podcasting experience that I realized just how important this tribe of women had become to my own personal growth. I truly believe in the power of community.

What is included with your membership?

A real community where you can get answers to your questions, and the support of other women. 

  • Access to free resources that will help you on your redesign journey
  • Deeper dive and Q & A with select podcast guests
  • Exclusive episodes for members
  • Issue dedicated groups
  • Course and classes provided by host, Shelly Drymon
  • Lock arms with other women who also want to create and live a life they love
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